Brazil Nut Cheese

Preparation Time: 20 minutes
Cooking Time: 0 minutes
Servings: 04
• Grapeseed oil, 2 tsp.
• Water, 1.5 c
• Hemp milk, 1.5 c
• Cayenne, .5 tsp.
• Onion powder, 1 tsp.
• Juice of .5 lime
• Sea salt, 2 tsp.
• Brazil nuts, 1 lb.
• Onion powder, 1 tsp.

  1. You will need to start process by soaking the Brazil nuts in some water. You just
    put the nuts into a bowl and make sure the water covers them. Soak no less than 20
    minutes or overnight. Overnight would be best.
  2. Now you need to put everything except water into a food processor or blender.
  3. Add just .5 cups water and blend for two minutes
  4. Continue adding .5 cup water and blending until you have the consistency you
  5. Scrape into an airtight container and enjoy.
    Calories: 187
    Protein: 4.1 g
    Fat: 19 g
    Carbs: 3.3 g
    Fiber: 2.1 g

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